How To Become An Alpha Male.

How To Become An Alpha Male.
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Success Stories

Sex with college professor…

I’d been fantasizing about my twenty-something college
professor for two semesters, but she couldn’t even remember my
name. 8 days after I got your material she handed me a note asking
me to stay after class. When I got to her office she locked the
door and practically raped me!

David K., Indiana, USA

John you are like my f**king guardian angel. I have had sex with 3 different girls in the last 5 days.

Matt D., Alabama, USA

Delivers the value promised…

The fear I always have is that an ebook won’t match up to the sales buzz created on the promotional site but your Alpha Male guide certainly delivers the value that you promised. I scanned through it and was very impressed by how thoroughly you covered many topics that truly define the alpha male.

Mike Pilinski, Author, Without Embarrassment

Within a month of applying your techniques I struck gold with the campus beauty queen.

Sylvanie B., Namibia, South West Africa

One of them gave me a blowjob…

I tried your techniques tonight and had two chicks approach
me right off the bat. The night ended when one of them gave me a
blowjob…while the other set a date with me for next week!

Ken S., Miami, FL

John, I’ve got to tell you I’m impressed. Last night I read the first 80 pages of
your book and then decided to go down to a nearby bar where I knew there
would be women and a live band–I knew I could at least impress some women
with my dancing. I figured I’d practice being an alpha male and see what

It was unbelievable. By the end of the night, not only had I bagged a hot
chick, but I could tell that all the women in the room were watching me. I
was clearly the alpha male in the room. Your system really works.

Jerry G., Colorado USA

Last weekend I met
this girl at a bar, very beautiful. To make the long
story short, she followed me home from the bar after I
suggested making her breakfast at my house.

Well it never got to that point. I put on some soft music and
we started dancing in my living room, and about 20
minutes later I’m inside of her.

Titus W., Louisiana USA

It’s that good.…

Want to get an endless supply of hot, horny women automatically? John’s Alpha Male System is easy and powerful and any guy can use it. Get it and no matter how bad you are with women, you WILL get laid. Why work hard when you can attract the women you want in minutes? This guide will change your life. It’s that good. I mean that truly, because I don’t give out many compliments.

The Player,

The things contained with your guide, I feel, are going to change my life… All of a sudden women are looking me dead in my face with this “longing look” and then smiling.

Tyrone P., USA

I was really happy with the results from the course.

I met the woman of my dreams and am just taking one step at a time and enjoying it.

My girlfriend and I have had mind blowing sex! I mean fantastic love making sessions. It’s great.

Joe H., Ohio USA

Hello, John!

First of all let me thank you for this book! It is really excellent
and I got 4 one-night-stands in two weeks!!! I am obviously quite

Oliver H., Switzerland

Bottom line and all bull aside — I’ve never seen a book on being
confident around women so clear, to the point, and filled with excellent

What you have made for men is the missing link to all
seduction products available, anywhere. Read this book once, and walk
away a new man. Read it twice, and your success is inevitable. You can
hypnotically feel the transformation happen to you as you read it.
Excellent. How to Become an Alpha Male is going on my “important books” shelf.

By the way, you’re absolutely right if you think this book helps you in other areas
of your life as an added bonus. Get it, you’ll love it.

Nathan Blaszak (Senior President, Life Tricks Co.) Lake City, MI

It’s been a few months since I bought your eBook, and the results are
far better than expected in the beginning. I’m now in a more serious
relationship with a woman since one month or so, and let me say that she’s
by far superior to every woman I had in my life previously, in every
aspect you could imagine! She’s pretty, witty, we share many common
values and sex is great with her. In fact, I’m seriously considering
having a long-term relationship with her. Thanks again, I would never
met such a woman without your advices, I would have been scared to
death just to approach her!

Eric M., Quebec

It has been now about 2 months since I bought your book on becoming an Alpha Male. To say the least it changed my life. I am a married man whose relationship had gone sour. My wife and I were roommates and not lovers anymore.

…we had a huge argument in which she pretty much told me that there is nothing about our situation that can be done, and I need to live with it.

Now, neither one of us wanted divorce but that night I cried my eyes out and was even suicidal. I couldn’t sleep and so around 3 AM I found and purchased your book online. I read it in less than 2 days and couldn’t put it down.

That week everything changed. I applied all the concepts in the book and all of the sudden things started to happen. To make a long story short my wife and I are doing better than ever. We have sex daily and for the first time in 5 years of marriage it has been good, we love each other more than the day we married.

John D., California USA

Thanks to your techniques, women are now starting to approach me and I now have a date. She’s 19, I’m 29.

Rob Q., USA


Thank you, thank you again. Today I achieved my life long dream of getting a beautiful six foot tall red headed amazon woman to like me… a lot! Besides being six feet tall, she is a nurse supervisor, big salary, 2700 sq ft. home… most guys are way too intimidated to ask for a date.

Richard M., Nevada USA

John, THANK YOU! Your book has changed my life!

Never before was I able to hook up with a chick, and she say to me I wanna suck you off. Never before did a chick throw herself on the bed and say I want you to do me now! But, its happened, and I love it!

Jon D., California USA

Your book has helped me so much. I have a GF for the first time in my life (I’m 21).

Ben J., Utah USA

You have successfully helped me get my dream woman, so I thank you and hope others can use your advice and be as successful as me.

James A., United Kingdom

From: John Alexander


Dear Friend,

Alone on a Saturday night, watching
Friends re-runs and fantasizing about
Jennifer Aniston. For years, that’s what I called my love-life.

I was 22 years old. So broke I didn’t
have two pennies to rub together. So embarrassed about by my body
that I wouldn’t take my shirt off unless I was alone. And after
four years at a major party college… I was still
a virgin.

Sure, I dated a few women (other guy’s sloppy seconds),
but even they never returned my phone

And anytime I’d make a few female friends, it always ended up the
: I’d follow them around like a dog, jumping at the
chance to do them a favor or listen to their problems… hoping
somehow it would lead to sex, but…

Behind My Back They Just Giggled

And Called Me Their Emotional Tampon.

About the only thing I had going for me was my brain. You see,
I’d always been fascinated by psychology and ‘silent mind control’
techniques… you know the ‘hypnotic’ stuff big advertisers use to
make you happily open your wallet (and earn billions doing, by the

My thinking was, if they can use this stuff to figure
out what people want to buy, why can’t the same techniques
be used to reveal

What Makes Women

Go After Certain Men?

I figured it was probably a waste of my time, but I kept on with my
research anyway… for 4 years. And what
I uncovered changed my love-life in a big, big way.

You see, I went from this depressed, timid guy who
always seemed to be wearing ‘invisible underwear
around women…

To suddenly finding myself in one ‘can’t-miss’ situation after another… where hot, young girls were approaching me… and then literally begging to take me home for X-rated

I’m not kidding.

And It Was So Easy, I’m Genuinely Stumped

Why More Guys Haven’t Come Across These Secrets

I mean, it wasn’t like I changed anything about my basic personality.
I still had no money, drove around in a rust-bucket and had less
experience between the sheets than a 16 year-old.

All I did was apply the “underground
psychological principles I had discovered. It wasn’t hard… and… anyone
can do it
. That’s because I found out these techniques
are based on powerful ‘mind’ principles you are born with – and
are available to all of us.

What that means is, it doesn’t matter how old (or young) you
are, if you’re dead-broke or even if you have physical
features that you think are turning women off

Whatever Your Excuse Is,

These Principles Still Work

Just like advertising never fails in getting all sorts of different people
to buy.

It’s been nearly two decades since I first discovered these techniques, and it’s been one hell of an emotionally… and… sexually satisfying ride.

These days I sleep every night next to the woman of my dreams (something
I never thought would happen). And spend much of my time teaching
other men…

The Secrets of ‘Magnetically’ Attracting Women To You…

Without Ever Chasing Them Down…

And Without Ever Having To Approach Them!

You see, once you have these secrets all the ‘work

of meeting women will be done for you…automatically!
You can just ‘flip on’ your magnetic powers of attraction… so to
speak… and instantly bring sex, romance and more roaring
into your life

And this isn’t some New Age theory crap. It’s based on the same hush-hush psychological tactics advertisers have used for centuries to get filthy rich. They work for anyone, anywhere
and at any time (no matter how desperate you think your situation is right now).

Not too long ago, I packaged up all these secrets in a guide I called How To Become An Alpha Male.

It’s the no-risk, never-fail blueprint on how to ‘magnetically’ attract an endless
flow of horny, ready-for-sex women to you… without
ever having to play their games or deal with rejection

Some guys call it the lazy man’s way to easy sex and romance. And here’s a quick look at just a few of the proven techniques I’ll share with you inside:

  • 3 ‘magic tricks’ you can start using this weekend
    that will have women begging to have ‘anything goes’
    sex with you
    (even if they’re married
    or have boyfriends)! Page 51

  • The 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying
    “hello” to a new woman…to sharing orgasms
    in bed with her… in just one evening!
    Page 101

  • 9 silent techniques that ‘magnetically’ get a girl to like you (WARNING: you must agree to use these for legal/moral purposes only). Page 40
  • Why… under absolutely no circumstances… should you ever take advice about women… from a woman (here’s what the
    female “experts” don’t want you to know) Page

  • Confused over when you should “make a move” on a woman? Here’s the 8 silent clues she gives that scream “I
    want you inside me now
    ”! Page 148

  • The amazing psychological technique… proven through
    scientific research… on how to make any woman ‘dripping
    wet’ for you… with just your mind! Page 163

  • 2 powerful ‘first date’ secrets that almost spontaneously
    lead to sex
    (even if you screw everything else up)!
    Page 137

  • The hidden ‘mental hot-button’ that can instantly turn
    a flaming bitch into a horny slut
    (and how to push
    it anytime you want)! Page 24

  • 7 simple secrets to changing your “appearance”… as
    soon as tonight… that will immediately double
    or even triple your attractiveness to women! Page 54

PLUS… How to get women to breathlessly pant

“I’ve never done this with anyone before”

while performing extremely intimate sex acts

with you that they’d never even admit to their friends!

  • The
    3 unbreakable rules of spending money on women
    these up and not only will you go home broke, but you’ll
    have blue-balls too)! Page 14

  • My very private “frame” technique that mentally intoxicates
    (and can have women who’ve totally ignored
    you in the past, now shamelessly flirt for your attention)! Page 51

  • 2 magic words you can use … when the moment is right… that
    almost hypnotically guide a woman into your bedroom! Page 41

  • Avoid
    these 3 behaviors
    and you’ll immediately become
    so seductive that women will actually feel themselves getting
    “wetter” around you! Page 42

  • 14 specific topics you should never, ever bring up in
    conversation with a woman you want to have sex with! Page 130

  • 6
    behaviors you’re probably doing right
    now that
    make women want to treat you like
    crap and lead you on. Page 30

  • How
    you accidentally kill the attraction women naturally feel for
    (99% of guys do it – here’s how to
    reverse it in under 7 seconds flat) Page 17

  • 3
    questions to ask that
    instantly reveal
    if a woman wants to have sex with you! Page 14

  • 24
    non-verbal clues
    almost every guy does that immediately
    repel women (how many are you doing?)
    Page 25

Always Get Asked…

“But Do These Techniques Work For Online Dating Too?”

You Betcha – See page 105 for complete details

  • 5 easy changes you can make to your body language… tonight… that
    will have the hottest girls embarrassing themselves
    to get your attention! Page 99

  • Forget all that crap in relationship books. Here… based
    on over 2 decades of real-world research… is exactly
    when you should call a woman after getting her phone number!
    Page 124

  • The exact word-for-word script to follow when you do call
    her! Page 125

  • The
    “alpha” method of moving from first-kiss to home
    (and why making even a single mistake
    here guarantees she’ll say “we shouldn’t be
    doing this”)! Page 155

  • What
    all women live in fear of
    (and the trick to soothing
    this anxiety so they’ll do whatever you ask)!
    Page 8

  • The
    powerful psychological tactic you must use when a woman offers
    to pay for a meal or do you a favor
    (use it and she’ll
    be ready for sex, don’t and you’ll never see her
    again – it’s as simple as that) Page 37

  • Give a woman a compliment, follow it up with these
    , and she’ll believe anything you say
    from there on out! Page 38

  • The one and only time you should ever take a woman out
    on an expensive date! Page 15

There Was a Time When I Used To Be So Terrified

of Speaking To Women That My Vision Blurred, My Face

Turned Beet Red And I’d Stammer Like An Idiot…

But that changed forever when I discovered the secret I share
with you on page 69
. If you have this same problem, it’ll
work like magic for you too.

Now here’s more of what you’ll find inside this coveted guide:

  • What you must do… immediately… when meeting any woman in
    a bar
    (unless you really want to go home drunk
    and alone to masturbate)! Page 109

  • The only place you should ever take a woman on a first
    date! Page 126

  • The amazing secret to getting over ‘shyness’
    around women… permanently… in one weekend! Page 91

  • How to use the ancient technique of “Locus of Control”
    to draw sexy, young women to you… while you drink beer
    and totally ignore them
    ! Page 68

  • 3 secrets that instantly raise your “value” to women
    (and they have nothing to do with looks, cars or money)! Page

  • A stunning new psychological discovery that reveals… finally… what all women want (and how to easily take advantage of
    this breakthrough to get sex any time you feel like it)! Page

  • The one emotion you must never make a woman “feel for you” (chances are you’re already guilty of it… and worse
    yet… it could be the single biggest reason why
    women now reject you)! Page 42

  • 9 hypnotic words to use when meeting a woman for the first time
    that practically guarantee you’ll end up eating breakfast
    in your underwear with her
    ! Page 116

And It Only Gets Better…

You see, the techniques I will be revealing to you have become something
of legend across college campuses and throughout the
singles scene
. So much so, that single (and married)
guys all across the country now come to me for personal, one-on-one
coaching on these powerful techniques.

And I help them out too… at $50 for a single email consultation.

But when you receive your copy of How To Become An Alpha
today, you’re going to receive all of the information right at your fingertips. It’s so thorough, it’s like having a professional coach right there at your beck and call.

That’s a Value of $600 a Day… But At No Cost To You!

What’s the catch? That I can only extend this offer to an extremely limited number of men. And here’s why.

It’s simple math. Women are only half the world’s population. So if too many men get their hands on this powerful information, it will lose its effectiveness.

So I have to limit this offer to first come, first
. I’m sure you can understand. The very real fact
is there’s only so many guys in the world who can learn these powerful secrets… and once the slots are full, the offer I’m making will vanish.

Plus, You’ll Also Receive At No Additional Cost…

Five private reports that will immediately have you
taking these amazing ‘girl attracting’ secrets to the next
. They include:

Attraction Through Body Language
– The vast majority
of communication between men and women happens at the non-verbal
level. Or as one world-class woman put it “I can tell if a
guy is going to get laid simply by how he acts.” This exclusive
report reveals 27 key techniques men must
use (and a few to avoid) that attract ‘trophy’ women… without ever even speaking to them!

What If She Has a Boyfriend? – What to do when you’ve
found your dream girl – but she’s already
someone else’s dream girl
. Here you’ll
discover how to fly under her radar, plant a special seed, and
then watch as she almost unconsciously breaks her relationship… while becoming irresistibly drawn to you. Also
5 ultra-powerful words to speak to a
woman in this situation to make her instantly obsessed
about having sex with you.

Getting Over Your Social Anxiety – You don’t need
prescription drugs, alcohol or therapy to get over your fear of
social situations. In this report, I’ll reveal to you a
single word
that will completely eliminate social anxieties
in 14 days or less. If America’s
drug companies knew what this one powerful word
was, they’d try to patent it and sell it in a bottle.

How To Detach Yourself From Desperation – Animals smell
fear, women smell desperation. If you’re desperate
to get laid, two things will happen
: 1.
Nothing 2. A woman will bleed you dry while never
spreading her legs. In this report I will reveal a method on how
to immediately remove “the smell of desperation” from
yourself. Owning this simple secret can get you laid more often
than a great haircut, a killer body, a fat bank account and a
new Tesla… combined.

Workplace Romances – Are you dying to hook up with that perfect
girl from the Accounting Department… but terrified over office
rumors, the humiliation of being rejected or even sexual harassment
complaints? In this special report I’ll show you how to
put each of these fears to rest, eliminate all of your risk… and
finally know what it feels like to move your hand deeply up her
skirt, as you share a warm, slippery kiss… on company

How Much?

Through this special web site, you can receive everything I’ve described in this superb package… the 50,000+ word guide How
To Become An Alpha Male
, the 5 exclusive reports that will have you taking everything to the next level…

For your small investment of just $39.97.

And You Can Check It All Out For FREE,

If You Choose To…

That’s because everything is covered by an unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 60-day money back guarantee.

Is Discreet and Confidential

You can place your order without the slightest bit of apprehension
or embarrassment
… and… your personal information
will never be revealed to any outside parties. Everything is completely confidential.

AND THE BEST PART: You can have all of this material just minutes from now!

Immediately after you place your secure order, you’ll be granted access to a special page where you can get your hands on all of this material right away, in the privacy of your own home… even if it’s 3 in the morning!

You won’t have to pay any ridiculous shipping and handling fees… and… you won’t have to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

You’ll have everything I’ve listed in this
package… in just minutes!

So Will You Look Back Next Weekend

and Say To Yourself

“I Wish I Had” or “I’m Glad I Did”?

You can spend next weekend like the one before it, alone, fantasizing that your dream girl is going to show up out of nowhere and fall deeply
in love with you
(only to wind up being even more down
on yourself on Monday, because it never happens)…

Or you can start right away (I mean as soon as tonight) enjoying the excitement and pleasure of having gorgeous, horny women automatically drawn to you like a magnet… without ever having to chase them down or even having to approach them.

There’s no-risk here my friend. So why not give it a try while it’s still fresh on your mind? I look forward to hearing about your remarkable results.

To your success with women,

John Alexander

P.S. Remember, to get in on this offer, it really is best if you act now. You’re going to get some insider tips that very few guys have their hands on, and the problem is that if this information becomes widespread, it will reduce its value. So, because of this, in order to maintain the value of these secrets, I can only guarantee the price until midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight. If you leave without buying, you might come back to find that the price has been greatly increased, or that the offer has been pulled from the internet forever.

Secure Order Form

I want to discover the secrets of ‘magnetically’

attracting hot, horny women to me without ever having to play
games, chase them down or go through the hassle and stress of approaching them!

I understand I will be receiving the guide How To Become An Alpha Male and 5 exclusive
detailing how to take these secrets to the
next level. I understand the total value of the package is $600.

I understand the price I will be paying today
for this entire package is just $39.97.

I understand I am free to examine everything for a full 60 days,
and if I’m not completely satisfied, I will receive a full
refund of the purchase price – with no squabbles and no
questions asked. I don’t even need to give a reason.

I also understand as soon as I place my secure order, I
will be given instant online access to all of the material so
I can begin using it right away.

Grab your copy of my guide and learn how to get girls instantly (immediate download)

(c) Copyright John Alexander, All Rights Reserved.

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