Is Democracy Under Siege?

Is Democracy Under Siege?
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Over the past two decades the American public has become increasingly polarized. So much so, that it’s hard to bring up a public policy topic that doesn’t immediately cause discord.Yet there is one subject on which the left and right agree: democracy is being threatened to an extent perhaps not seen since the Civil War. When asked, “What is the thing that worries you and keeps you up at night?” Vice President Kamala Harris replied “democracy.” Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson couldn’t agree more.There is just one problem. Each side thinks the threat to democracy is coming from the other side.The New York Times ushered in the New Year with one of the most divisive editorials (by the entire editorial board!) the newspaper has ever published. The Republican Party has become “an existential threat” that is “openly contemptuous of democracy” and “is willing to use violence to achieve its ends,” declared the Times.At the state level, Republicans are undermining elections with “subversion and sabotage.” At the national level, the party is likened to “authoritarian movements the world over.” “Democracy is in grave danger” says the Times, and the only hope is for Democrats “to win elections and help protect the basic functions of democracy.”The chief villain in the left’s view of the world is, of course, Donal …

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