Joe Biden’s Leadership Gets 52 Percent Support (in Mexico)

Joe Biden’s Leadership Gets 52 Percent Support (in Mexico)

President Joe Biden has boosted public support for his leadership and government to 52 percent, but Biden is getting that public support from Mexicans in Mexico, not from Americans in America, according to Gallup.
Gallup reported the good news for Biden on June 7, saying “U.S. leadership had been more popular in Mexico than it had been in several years, with 52% of Mexicans approving of U.S. leadership in 2021.”

The polling data may have been released because Biden is attending the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles this week.
Back in the United States, Biden’s support among Americans is only 41 percent, according to the average of polls tracked by
Biden also has 57 percent opposition where it matters — in the nation that will vote in the November midterm elections.
One of the big issues that has hurt Biden is his decision to open the borders to many economic migrants. That is good news for Mexicans and other people who migrate into Americans’ jobs, housing, and towns — but bad news for Democrats facing the voters. Biden’s poll ratings on immigration are just 35 percent positive, and 59 percent negative, says
In contrast, President Donald Trump boosted his polling support in Mexico when he blocked migrants at the border. That decision also sharply reduced the cartel-managed mass migration through Mexico.
The Washington Post conducted a face-to-face survey of 1,200 Mexicans in cooperation with Mexico’s Reforma newspaper:
More than 6 in 10 Me …

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