Longtime Republican Retiring From Senate

Longtime Republican Retiring From Senate

Oklahoma GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe is expected to announce his retirement, which will trigger a special election to replace him this fall.

“The 87-year-old Oklahoma Republican was elected to another six-year term in 2020, but has missed more votes than usual recently and told reporters in December his wife has been sick. His decision to step down will surely fuel a competitive Republican primary to succeed him in ruby-red Oklahoma,” Politico reported.

“Inhofe is expected to serve the remainder of the current Congress and to announce his retirement on Monday. He’s a longtime top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. GOP senators are expected to try and talk Inhofe out of leaving office early, according to the person familiar with Inhofe’s plans. Inhofe planned to reveal his intentions in a video announcement, but news reports of his potential retirement preempted its release, according to one GOP source familiar with the matter. Another GOP source said the announcement has been moved up and is expected to come as early as Friday,” Politico added.

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