Make Money Teaching.

Make Money Teaching.
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too can earn over $50 an hour

teaching students part time or full time

Are you already teaching private students?

Do you tutor students?Are you teaching guitar? Do you want
to learn how to start a cooking school? Would you love to
have your own karate school, dance school, art studio, driving
school? Do you teach ballet, music, painting, martial arts,
computer software, book keeping, photography? Do you have
skills that you want to teach to others?

If this has ever been a dream of yours, you’ve
come to the right Web site! My reports can help you make more
money teaching

Before I wrote these reports
I spoke with teachers from many disciplines such as karate
teachers, art teachers, dance teachers,individuals who tutor
students, and many other types of private education teachers.
While each of us taught different subjects, we all agreed
that as teachers we had a lot in common.

-Each of us had students
as customers.

-All of us had to do our own advertising and registration.

-Students who called for lessons
often asked the same types of questions no matter what was
being taught.

-Our students also had many of the same learning patterns
and concerns regardless of the subject being taught.

-Many of the teachers I spoke with followed the same seasonal

This is why for the past two years, private
education teachers from all over the world have bought these
reports. No matter what you teach, you will find the information
of practical use and easy to apply to your subject area.

to read samples from all
three reports with crucial information related to starting
your teaching business or private school. There is nothing
to pay and you do not need to give your e-mail address. Just
click and you will go right to the sample reports.

Grossed over $2,000,000

For the past 27 years over 7,500 students paid me and
my staff to study with us. I brought into my business well
over $2,000,000 in teaching revenue before taxes and expenses.
Then I also had other revenue streams related to teaching
my students but income that involved sales, rentals and commissions
from retail businesses who sold products and services my students

less and earn more!

Why make $10/hr when you can make up to
$120/hr teaching

Yes, you can make $20 to $30 an hour teaching your student
or you can make as much as $120 an hour for the same hour
because instead of thinking like a teacher you are also thinking
like a business person.

The dozens of teachers whom I hired over the
years were highly skilled with university degrees in their
field yet they received $10 an hour from me and were pleased
to get it. Most of my staff stayed for years. One teacher
was with me for 18 years. Why? Because their teaching schedules
were nearly always full.

The question is, do you want to earn $10/hr
teaching for someone else? Or do you want to be able to have
other teachers teaching for you while YOU make the real money?
Even if you teach on your own, with no intention of ever opening
a school, I can show you how to easily double your registration
and create income streams related to what you teach.

It’s easy to teach. It’s easy to show someone
else how to do something. It’s easy compared to making a lot
of money doing it. The hard part, the almost impossible part,
is making $25,000 to $50,000 a year teaching your skill. This
is what this Web site is all about. How to make money -real
money, teaching!

your own boss even if it’s part time!

My Story

Many years ago I started out as a part time teacher. Then
I taught full time until I had so many students I could afford
to start my own school and hire additional staff.

While this had been a dream of mine ever since
I can remember, owning and operating my own private school
was no dream! I had to learn all the necessary skills involved
in running a private school that involved the day to day running
of a business whose customers were students. I was a skilled
teacher but at that time I had no experience in business.

I quickly learned that while you can have the
best looking school, a great teaching staff, and even reasonable
prices for your classes, if you can not get enough students
to register, your teaching business will fail. It is that

Unlike the public education sector where students
must attend classes, students studying with you or with your
school, do not have to go. They will only attend your classes
if they want to. As well, your potential students may have
a large choice of other teachers and schools in your subject
area – those other choices are in fact, your competition.
It could be someone teaching from their home, or a franchise
operation with schools located throughout your city. No matter
who your competition is, you have to realize that unless you
learn how to run your teaching business or school like a business,
you will never realize your dream.

The 3 skills you need to have to Make $ Teaching

In order for you to live that dream, you need to learn
to do at least three things very well: you must learn how
to advertise effectively so students will find out about you;
you need to be able to have an effective registration program
so students who know about you will actually enroll in your
programs and finally you need to actually make money (a profit)
from having students study with you.

27 years ago I had a dream to start my
own business. I didn’t want a regular job and I did not want
to work for someone else. I had a skill and my idea was to see
if I could make money teaching that skill. And that is exactly
what I have done over the past 27 years. 18 of these years I
owned my own school and had as many as eight other teachers
working for me.

The secrets, tips and strategies that I
have learned during these 27 years to register over 7,500 students
are discussed in detail in the three reports I have made available
for sale on this Web site.

Just because you have the knowledge and
the skills to teach means nothing in today’s market place. The
real question you need to ask yourself is do you have the business
knowledge you will need to start and maintain your teaching
business year after year. Why charge $10.00 an hour if you could
charge $50.00 for that very same hour? Why teach only 10 students
a week if you could register 25 or 30?

For 27 years I taught every day and loved
every second of it. For me it was a dream come true. But unlike
a dream, I had to deal with real people, real money problems
and real teaching and staff situations that could have closed
me down time and again.

While my competitors closed their doors,
my business flourished because I was able to understand the
marketplace and sell my lesson programs day after day for 27

How I did it and what I learned are discussed
in detail in the downloadable reports available from this Web

The following four reports will change your ideas about teaching forever.


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