It’s the season for giving.I’ll give.This week I’ll donate to the Doe Fund, a charity that helps drug users and ex-cons find purpose in life through work. “Work works!” they say. It sure does. Most Doe Fund workers find more joy in supporting themselves than they ever found in drugs.I’ll also donate to Student Sponsor Partners, a nonprofit that gives scholarships to at-risk kids so they can escape bad public schools. SSP sends them to Catholic school. I’m not Catholic, but I support SSP because government-run schools are often so bad that Catholic schools do better at half the cost. Thousands of families have broken the cycle of poverty thanks to SSP.When I was young, I assumed government would lift people out of poverty. “It’s inexcusable that there are so many poor people in this rich country,” my college professors taught. “Government programs will raise skill levels, improve parenting, give a leg up to the poor.“That’s when the War on Poverty began.At the time, many Americans were already lifting themselves out of poverty. Year by year, the number of families below the poverty li …

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