Mongabay’s What-To-Watch list for January 2023

Mongabay’s What-To-Watch list for January 2023

In December, Mongabay released several videos of important environmental stories from across the world: an investigation of land grabbing in Brazil, a religious group clearing the Amazon in Peru, a biomass producer outed by a whistleblower in the U.S., poor working conditions of farmers in India, rising seas in Sierra Leone, and more. Indigenous communities have increasingly had their land snatched away by big industries. Mongabay’s contributing editor Karla Mendes released an investigation into how over half of palm oil industry Agropalma’s agricultural land was derived from fraudulent land titles. In another story of uncovering false statements by big industries, biomass company Enviva in the U.S. was found to be contributing to large-scale deforestation. In the latest episode of Chasing Deforestation, host Romi Costagnino shows us how the Mennonites in Peruvian Amazon have been illegally deforesting land and encroaching upon Indigenous territories. Another Mongabay seires Mongabay Explains throws light on why bottom trawling is controversial in the latest episode. In India, Mongabay-India covered the issues faced by sugarcane farmers and harvesters in Maharashtra state. The water-intensive crop stays popular even in the face of climate change and demanding labor. In Brazil, monoculture has degraded soil in Mato Grosso do Sul state, leaving local biodiversity and Indigenous population to suffer the aftermath. Climate change continues to wreak quiet havoc on communities sharing a close relationship with their environment. In Sienna Leone, Mongabay’s staff features writer Ashoka Mukpo shows us how coastal communities are building seawalls to keep the rising seas at…This article was originally published on Mongabay



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