NASA Just FOUND This In Space That SHOCKED Elon Musk!

NASA Just FOUND This In Space That SHOCKED Elon Musk!

NASA Just FOUND This In Space That SHOCKED Elon Musk!

Researchers have been perplexed by a glowing blob known as “the cocoon” since it was discovered in 2012. It appears to be inside one of the massive gamma-ray emanations from the center of our galaxy known as the “Fermi bubbles,” and it has baffled astronomers ever since. In recent research published in Nature Astronomy, it is demonstrated that the cocoon is brought on by gamma rays generated by extremely fast-spinning stars known as “millisecond pulsars” that are situated in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, which orbits the Milky Way. Findings shed light on the cocoon’s enigma, but they also put doubt on efforts to look for dark matter in whatever gamma-ray glow the cocoon may release. What made up of this glowing blob? Let’s find out while Elon Musk update us all!

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According to Musk, for the benefit of life on Earth, gamma rays are blocked by our atmosphere. These light particles have energy that are more than a million times greater than the photons that human eyes can see.

Before sensors were lofted into space, astronomers were unaware of the richness of the gamma-ray sky due to the obstruction of our ground-level vision. However, more and more of this richness has been made public, beginning with the coincidental findings made by the Vela satellites, which were launched into space in the 1960s to track the Nuclear Test Ban.

The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope, a substantial NASA mission that has been in orbit for more than a decade, is the most cutting-edge gamma-ray equipment currently in use. The Milky Way and the larger cosmos have revealed a number of surprises thanks to Fermi’s capacity for resolving minute detail and detecting faint sources.

In 2010, shortly after Fermi’s debut, one of these surprises was discovered: something in the Milky Way’s center is blowing what appear to be two enormous, gamma-ray producing bubbles. NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope’s gamma ray measurements revealed a fascinating structure of the Milky Way, our home galaxy. Two enormous bubbles that appear below and above the galaxy’s center have been found by astronomers. They’re referred to as Fermi Bubbles. Full 10% of the sky is covered by these absolutely unexpected “Fermi bubbles.” A total of 50,000 light years are covered by each bubble, which is around 25000 light years long. It may be millions of years old and covers more than half of the visible sky, from the constellation Virgo to the constellation Grus. Astronomers’ largest unanswered mystery is what might have actually created these Fermi bubbles.

What may these Fermi bubbles tell us about the past of our Milky Way galaxy? Returning to the past, let’s investigate.

The Fermi Bubbles are invisible to the naked eyes. They are nearly undetectable because the gas inside them is so thin, despite their tremendous temperatures. However, something in them has the ability to produce gamma rays, the light with the maximum energy, which is how the Fermi team discovered them.

The supermassive black hole that lurks in the galaxy is a leading candidate as the cause of the bubbles, Musk stated. This monster, which is 4 million times more massive than the sun, is hidden in the galactic nucleus, where the bubbles come from.

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