Northrop Grumman CEO SHOCKED Elon Musk!

Northrop Grumman CEO SHOCKED Elon Musk!

Northrop Grumman CEO SHOCKED Elon Musk!

On Wednesday, Rob Hauge, president of SpaceLogistics at Northrop Grumman, said that SpaceX’s “Starship is going to be an awesome capability.” Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s enormous Starship rockets have amazing potential, according to the head of a Northrop Grumman company that works with SpaceX, but he cautioned the industry to hold off on having high hopes until it reaches certain milestones. Wanna know more?

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Robotic spacecraft that prolong the life of satellites in orbit will be launched by Northrop Grumman in accordance with a contract with SpaceX. The Northrop division has successfully docked its spacecraft with satellites twice and intends to continue offering the service.

Rob Hauge, president of Northrop Grumman’s SpaceLogistics, said during a panel at the annual World Satellite Business Week conference on Wednesday, “We’re working with SpaceX – Starship is going to be a fantastic capability.”

Although “Starship will be beneficial,” according to Hauge in a panel interview, SpaceX has not yet launched a rocket prototype into space.

A lot of work remains to be done. We require a fully developed launch vehicle, Hauge stated. Starship has not launched yet.

Hauge’s company creates and manages robotic spacecraft referred to as Mission Extension Vehicles (MEV). Companies with satellites in so-called geosynchronous orbit (GEO) are its clients.

They intend to refuel the rocket while it is in orbit to enable Starship to reach GEO. It hasn’t been done yet,” Hauge said. “We’re going to make sure this capability works, even down to making sure the rocket we’re going to go on is going to work,”

The successful completion of a flight test into orbit is the next significant step in Starship development that Musk’s business is aiming for. SpaceX had wanted to launch the orbital Starship as early as last summer, but setbacks in the development process and delays in receiving regulatory certification have delayed that timeframe.

With the intention of transporting goods and people beyond Earth, the business is creating the roughly 400-foot-tall Starship rocket. The Raptor engine series from SpaceX powers both the rocket and its Super Heavy booster, and the entire system is intended to be reusable.

According to Musk, the method might make space travel more similar to commercial aviation travel.

Meanwhile, just hours apart, SpaceX completed a Starship booster test that set a new record then moved a more recent Super Heavy prototype to the launch pad.

SpaceX has achieved a first by simultaneously lighting seven Raptor engines, nearly six weeks after the company started the static fire test campaign for Super Heavy Booster 7. A few hours later, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s plans were confirmed in real time when the company moved a second Super Heavy prototype (Booster 8) from the factory to the launch pad and joined Booster 7.

Musk claims that those rockets will shortly trade places, ensuring that no time is lost as SpaceX continues to steadily prepare for Starship’s initial orbital launch attempts.

The most crucial phase of Booster 7’s flight qualification process began on August 9 and 11 with two back-to-back static fires, each of which ignited just one of the 20 Raptor engines that were installed.

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