NYC Terror Suspect Info Released

NYC Terror Suspect Info Released

This is the harrowing moment terrified passengers banged on a subway car door as they desperately tried to flee a rampaging gunman in Brooklyn this morning.

Shocking footage showed one of the travelers repeatedly launching his body against the metal frame and tugging at the handle in a bid to escape the hail of bullets.

Others recorded themselves yanking on the handgrip several times — proving it was locked — while the shooter loomed nearby.

It comes as terrified witnesses told how the shooting on the packed train triggered a horror stampede — with children trampled on as commuters ran for their lives.

Passengers revealed there was a huge surge towards the exit of the subway carriages as people screamed ‘gun’ and ‘bomb’ while the sound of shots rang out.

Cemile Toseglu, 17, a student at Brooklyn Tech who was on her way to school, said other riders jumped over her in panic while the gunman continued to cause carnage.

The shooter, wearing a green construction vest, grey hoodie and gas mask, is currently on the run in Brooklyn after blasting his victims in Sunset Park during rush hour.

The suspect, described as a 5‑foot‑5 black man, weighing 170 pounds, is believed to have chucked a smoke bomb into the northbound N train as it moved toward 36th Street.

He shot ten people — five of whom are now in a critical but stable condition — before potentially making off into the subway tunnels.…

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