Our Woke Military Will Be Deadly For Us.

Our Woke Military Will Be Deadly For Us.
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It has become obvious from the multiple failings of the Biden administration military we may well see soon the world domination of China in concert with Russia, Iran and North Korea not to mention the resurgence of ISIS and/or al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic organizations.  These potential multiple failures and defeats for the USA may well be by design of the liberals. Whether intentional, the result of abject ignorance or self-serving political expedience, the lack of war-fighting focus is very real as evidenced by my recent personal experiences at an Army unit. Last Sunday I had the enlightening experience of attending and providing an ancillary service briefing to a major Army Reserve unit headquarters unit assembly to inform the soldiers of their pending annual required weapons qualifications exercise.  The briefing was well organized and presented in a comprehensible sequence that generally followed the standard Army Five Paragraph Operations Order.  The information presented was clear and logical until the highly emphasiz …

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