Ranking Fox News Dumbest Stories with Brian Tyler Cohen and Tommy Vietor | Liberal Tiers

Ranking Fox News Dumbest Stories with Brian Tyler Cohen and Tommy Vietor | Liberal Tiers

Former Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor and political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen Draft the Dumbest FOX NEWS Stories and SCANDALS

Featuring the Best of the Worst culture war segments from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. Tommy and BTC trace dumb Republican outrage from the Obama Administration (tan suit, dijon mustard, fist jab) through the casting of The Little Mermaid, and the overly-inflated (and potentially dangerous) Chinese spy balloon coverage.

Comment below to let us know who you think has the Best/Worst list – BTC 🔵 or Tommy 🔴?

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00:00 – The Draft of the Dumbest Fox News Scandals
00:55 – 3D Printed Steaks from Gutfeld
02:10 – Obama Madrassa
03:36 – Little Mermaid Casting from Laura Ingraham
04:25 – Kitty Litter in Schools from Jesse Watters
05:32 – Woke M&M’s from Tucker Carlson
06:26 – Terrorist Fist Jab
07:40 – Obama’s Dijon Burger from Sean Hannity
09:21 – Balloonghazi featuring Kevin McCarthy
11:32 – Xbox Going Green
12:49 – Cancel Dr. Seuss
14:11 – BTC’s Draft Picks
15:13 – Tommy’s Draft Picks
16:20 – Honorable Mention: Obama’s Tan Suit
16:52 – VOTE in the Comments

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