Republican Congressman Blows Off Spy Balloon Briefing To Go On Fox News

Republican Congressman Blows Off Spy Balloon Briefing To Go On Fox News

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs admitted during a Fox News appearance this week that he actually skipped a classified briefing on the Chinese Spy Balloon in order to appear on Fox News…to talk about the spy balloon. So instead of being educated about what happened, he went on Fox to pontificate about what MAY have happened. This is absolutely absurd, even by Republican standards. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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Republican representative Andy Biggs from Arizona was supposed to be part of a classified briefing about the Chinese spy balloon, so that members of Congress could learn more about what the intelligence community has learned about that balloon since it was shot down last week. But Andy Biggs did not attend that classified briefing because apparently he had more important things to do, and the more important thing he had to do was appear on Fox News to get this talk about the Chinese spy balloon. I’m gonna read the exchange he had with Fox News host Harris Faulkner in just a moment where he admits that, oh, I actually skipped the meeting to come here. But think about that for a second. He has the opportunity, and to be honest, the responsibility as an elected official to get all of the information that we know about this spy balloon.

So we found out some pretty, you know, scary things this week about it, but instead of taking the opportunity to gain new knowledge, to figure things out and understand the situation, Andy Big says, screw it. I’m gonna go on Fox News and pontificate about what could be about the balloon. I’m going to fear monger about the balloon by intentionally ignoring the truth about it. So here is the exchange that took place. Harris Faulkner said, quote, I know that some of it is classified, you can’t share all of it, but what can you tell us? And then Biggs responded, well, I’m not going to, I didn’t go to that classified briefing because I knew I’d be talking to you instead. I, I had a discussion yesterday.

Then at the end of the statement, or, or, or, uh, segment Faulkner thanked Biggs for skipping the classified briefing quote. So you could share so much with the Faulkner focus. So thank you for not getting the information to educate yourself on the issue so that you could instead come and tell us about the issue, which you just admitted you don’t know about because you actually skipped it. Like, is that not both Republican politicians and Fox News in a nutshell? Like, Hey politician, would you like the opportunity to learn something? Would you like to educate yourself so that you can be better informed about an issue? No, I wanna go on Fox News where they don’t care if I know what I’m talking about. I wanna go on Fox News because I want the attention and they don’t care if we lie or say things that aren’t true. We just say it anyway and their audience believes it because they’re a bunch of idiots. That is literally what happened this week, folks, the Republican congressman, who again, has a responsibility as a lawmaker, as an elected official to learn about these

Things, chose to not learn. So he could go out there and confuse the audience of Fox News, and they were thankful for it. They didn’t say, oh, wow, dude, you probably should have listened to that. You probably should have gone to it. No, they thanked him for not being informed about the very issue. They invited him on the program to talk about.

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