Thanks for Fathers

Thanks for Fathers

Posted: Jun 16, 2022 12:01 AM

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I’ve often told my children that the most important decision they will ever make is whom they marry. For those of us blessed to have children, the decision has an impact that goes beyond who will love, comfort, honor and keep us (as the Episcopal Church vows state).It includes who will be a role model to our children, who will help provide for them financially, who will watch over their spiritual and moral development and who will work to provide them with a better life.When my husband, Jimmy, and I had our first child, he followed her as she was taken around the hospital to make sure she was fine as health professionals cleared out her lungs.After our second child was born, he checked on our son as I recovered from the emergency C‑section. This year, our oldest graduated from college, and this coming fall, our son will be a junior in college. The speed at which the years have passed has accelerated.Parents serve as the earliest teachers and role models for children. They read books to children, provide guidance and serve as an example of how to act and treat others. As children grow, so too do the roles of parents, who become volunteers at school, scout leaders, Sunday School teachers and sports coaches. They serve as role models not only for their own …

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