The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit Fox News

The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit Fox News

Rupert Murdoch launched Fox News in 1996 in an effort to appeal to a more conservative audience. With the help of original CEO Roger Ailes, Fox News quickly became the go-to network for right-wing viewers, although it hasn’t been without controversy.

Billion-dollar defamation lawsuits, public outrage over hosts’ incendiary comments, and allegations of sexual harassment from within have plagued the network almost since its inception. Mainstream media outlets like Variety and HuffPost have taken Fox News to task over the years for promoting conservative propaganda and various conspiracy theories. There’s a lot to unpack: these are the biggest scandals to ever hit Fox News.

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Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit | 0:00
Megyn Kelly and more come forward | 1:40
Ailes is forced to resign | 3:00
Glenn Beck calls Obama a ‘racist’ | 3:55
Laura Ingraham attacks David Hogg | 5:32
Downplaying COVID-19 | 6:40
Hannity’s COVID-19 ‘hoax’ | 7:52
Hosts sued for election fraud lies | 8:36
Tucker Carlson’s long history of controversy | 9:50
Bill O’Reilly’s sexual assault allegations | 11:07
Bill O’Reilly is fired | 12:22

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