The Date Mentors Program

The Date Mentors Program
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Aside from the 180 minute recording of Carlos and I sharing some of our greatest secrets, we are each going to throw in some huge bonuses in the form
of some empowering resources that we both have created to help men in the dating arena. 

Here’s What You Can Consider A Free Gift……. 

First from me, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. you will receive: 

My Dating Success Power pack consisting of one audio book and four Gold hypnosis recordings including:  

These Powerful Secrets of Hypnosis Will Increase And Enhance Your Dating Success! 

And remember, these Gold Recordings were mastered in my brand new, custom built, state-of-the-art recording studio, which is staffed by my team of full time college graduate sound engineers who have prior experience working on feature films. 

Now here’s what Carlos is willing to give away absolutely free: 

The Alpha MANifesto Ebook which reveals: 

    • The One Thing you need in your search for better skills with women(page 7) 

    • How a REAL life pickup artist student escaped from the world of “seduction” and became a REAL man, and how he finally got the woman he wanted without having to use a single “routine” (page 8-11) 

    • My personal history – and how one of my homemade “attraction” routines works from the inside out… (page 14) 

    • The Most Important Choice You Will Make In Your Life… and if you screw this one up – you’re really in trouble…(page 16) 

    • How your reality is being messed with… And the Big Mistake that guys are making with their “confidence…” (page 18) 

    • Why pickup routines and lines don’t improve your skills or your confidence…. (page 20) 

    • My 5-minute super-routine to start earning attraction and pickup skills – including the one pickup “fad” that can cripple your ability with women… (page 22 to 30) 

    • Why you can’t hide your need for a woman – and why you don’t have to, giving you an edge over all other guys…(page 31-33) 

    • The “Think Barrier,” And how this one concept can make the difference between a powerful leader or just another member of the herd…(page 34)  

“Dating Tips for Guys – POWER PACK” 

A compilation of exclusive short video tips, where you will learn: 

    • How you get in your own way when you 

    • Your “reality check” on whether or not you’re being too “nice” with women – and how you get past it to attract her naturally, and with no effort… 

    • The losing strategy of the “thin rope,” and the way you can attract women and be GENUINE with women…. 

    • How to talk to women – Sun Tzu’s strategies for approaching and connecting with women so that you have the strategic superiority with women… 

    • Where your problems with women come from, and the secret to succeeding with women.

    • The secret to melting a woman’s resistance to you by using ONE simple strategy – THE magic key – when you meet women and talk to women… 

    • And MUCH MUCH more…. 

“Turbo-Charge Dating Secrets Archive”

A compilation of several hours of some of the most rare podcast recordings (no longer available anywhere else) where Carlos will teach you: 

    • Top dating questions from guys like you, including how you handle the women that try to pressure you into commitment or marriage, as well as how to get “physical” with women… 

    • How to understand a woman’s emotional cycles and thinking as well as what it is that women really want from men… 

    • The truth about what “confidence” is – and how you develop it quickly and easily by short-circuiting the “limiting beliefs” you’re carrying around…. 

    • Why it’s so hard for guys to be “happy” and “blissed” out and why it’s not in our nature to feel good without learning these KEY strategies for self-control… 

    • Why we feel paralyzed and insecure when it comes to approaching attractive women and talking to hot girls – and the secrets for how to get rid of the fear and overcome it in just a few seconds… 

    • Carlos’ infamous “Kick in the Butt” podcast where he talks you through any situation where you feel anger for anything a woman has ever done to you – bad breakup, bad fight, dumped you – WHATEVER – Carlos will get you over any situation where you just “can’t get over her…” 

    • And MUCH more… 

“No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Alpha Masculinity Primer”

In this 35 minute program, Carlos will motivate you and coach you through the most important understanding of who you are – as a MAN. 

    You’ll learn: 

    • The 4 Key traits of the “Alpha Man” – and how these character traits will either communicate masculinity if you use them the right way, or wussy behavior if you use them the wrong way… 

    • Carlos’ Life Mission Exercise – when you’re done with this one dead simple practice, you’ll know what your life is about and what your true purpose is here… 

    • The one key trait you must have with a woman to have success over the long term and avoid the divorce trap… 

    • The definition of true “Masculinity” and what it takes to be a Man today in a woman’s world – hint: it’s probably NOT what you’re thinking! 

“The Art of Attraction”

In this 50 page Q&A ebook from Carlos Xuma, you will get the answers to the top questions guys ask about women and dating – and the answers that the other “gurus” are afraid to share with you. This is an unflinching and realistic exposure of how to really win the game of dating and attraction. 

    • Learn the three essential attitudes that draw women to men

    • These Three Attitudes will improve your image 100+% in the eyes of the women you approach and date… 

    • How to “close the deal” with women more consistently and regularly by learning how most guys screw up things with women and shut themselves out… 

    • How to date the women who have busy, active lifestyles – the quality women who can be difficult to connect with – and the big trap that guys fall into with these women that leaves them frustrated and compromised… 

    • The three “S”s of how to impress a woman and reach her on a level that tells her “Hey, this guy is just like me…” 

    • How to get rid of fear and nervousness around women that sabotages your efforts to get phone numbers and dates… 

    • Whew! I’m worn out just talking about all of the bonuses that make the Dating Mentors Program such an incredible value. 

    • And what a value it truly is when you tally up the price of the bonuses alone.  

Take a closer look… That’s an extra 9 bonuses!

That’s a staggering $454.80! 

But today you can own the entire Date Mentors Program for just $77…if you choose. 

But Carlos and I would rather you try it for 60 full days at just $27.97 because that’s how confident we are that you will experience dating life on a whole new level once you’ve tuned in. 

To capitalize on this very rare opportunity to learn first hand how to become the man you’ve always wanted to be,
click here right now! 

Unless of course you don’t need anymore dates or have more women than you know what to do with, you should access this information ASAP. 

Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose except the chance to change your life and end your days of wondering what could have been. 

Isn’t it time you start living life exactly the way
you want rather than letting the pieces fall into place and working with what’s left over? 

You no longer have to feel that you are not in control of your dating life. 

For just twenty-seven dollars and ninety-seven cents, you can absorb all the secrets and valued information that Carlos and I typically charge a good amount of money to share. 

Try the Date Mentors Program and end your lonely Saturday nights right now! 

You Risk Nothing

Here’s Our No-Risk, No-Hassle, Eight Week, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee:

DON’T Decide Now. Try our “Date Mentors” System Out For A Full Eight Weeks. If You Find Our Program Is Not Working For You, Then Just Let Us Know Within Eight Weeks Of Your Purchase Date And We’ll Promptly Issue You A Full, No Questions Asked, Refund. All The Risk Has Now Vanished Because We’re The One’s Taking The Chance Here. Fair Enough?

Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.,

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Carlos Xuma,

Dating Expert

To Your Success,

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Carlos Xuma, Dating Expert

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