The Evolution Of Elon Musk's Mars Vision

The Evolution Of Elon Musk's Mars Vision

Elon Musk has been dreaming of reaching Mars for decades at this point with a plethora of successes and postponements along the way. In the early 2000s, Elon Musk simply wanted to place a mice colony on Mars; however, after an interaction with Russians trying to sell him overpriced ICBMS, Elon Musk decided to build his own rocket ship. Despite overwhelmingly negative criticism, Elon Musk decided to found SpaceX. Unfortunately, as the criticism suggested, Elon Musk would end up burning hundreds of millions of dollars trying to launch his first successful rocket. However, through nonstop persistence, SpaceX would eventually succeed in launching their Falcon 1 and subsequently their Falcon 9 rocket. Following these successful developments, SpaceX would turn their attention back onto Mars through the development of Falcon Heavy and later the Starship Rocket. This video explains the various stages of Elon’s Mars vision in order to showcase the evolution of SpaceX’s Mars project.

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0:00 – SpaceX Today
0:35 – The Yearning
2:27 – Mice Colony
3:56 – Mars Oasis
5:33 – Founding SpaceX
6:57 – Falcon Heavy
8:38 – Starship

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