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As mentioned earlier this is a brand new life changing platform for Mind/Life Transformation and we wish to gain your valuable feedback so we are reducing the price. You get complete unlimited streaming access to the entire Hypnosis Lounge plus new sessions added every month.

This alone has a value of $588 each year. However this is not all you get.

On top of this you get 10 NeuraTokens to access the sessions as downloads every month with a total yearly value of $120.

The total yearly value these products and services will cost you separately is $2035, but the real life value is a lot more in renewed purpose, feelings of vitality and vigor and the extreme confidence you will gain from doing the TNH™ sessions.

If you came to John as a private client, five sessions are the minimum he now specifies for any serious transformational work. A series of 5 sessions would cost you $1250 ($250 each).

Instead the value you get today from a small exchange will last you a lifetime. There is nothing to compare to the revitalised motivation and lust for life you feel after just one of the powerful TNH™ sessions inside the site.

Just imagine what you will achieve when you have continual ongoing 24/7 access, plus the exclusive access to the customized Session Suggest service, all locked in at your special discounted price.

You certainly won’t be paying the $1999+ price everyone else will pay later. And you definitely won’t be paying the $1250 private client prices John charges for just 5 transformational sessions.

You won’t even pay half this price.

Right now you get a complete years access locked in at just $97.

You can also grab lifetime for just $497 $297 which means you save even more!

This is the most insanely valuable discount we have ever given and you get continuous ongoing access to everything we ever release. As you can imagine we can’t make this available for long.

All we ask in return is your feedback so we can continue to refine The Hypnosis Lounge™ and create more powerful dynamic sessions for clients and customers like you who have chosen to make massive changes in their lives.

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