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The Paradigm Shift Class
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I want to tell you something about yourself. You may already know it, but most don’t.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing in this universe which someone else understands that you cannot also understand.

If someone else can comprehend it, it can be explained to you in a way in which will become perfectly clear.

It doesn’t matter what it is, math, physics, music, poetry, history, biology, psychology, philosophy, ANYTHING!

I 100% guarantee you that if you want to know it you can and if you stick with me through this class I am going to freak you out. You are going to learn some things which you probably thought were way out of your league.

Here is my first promise to you. After finishing this class (TWO MONTHS) you will have a very strong understanding of Calculus, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Physics. You will grasp these concepts so well that you will be able to sit down with any college professor who teaches any of these courses and have a very intelligent conversation. And this is going to be fun and easy.

I chose Calculus, Relativity and Quantum Physics for a reason.

First, in the minds of most, Calculus is the math of maths uncomprehensible to most mortal men and women. I am going to start with Calculus because once you see you can understand it your mind is going to be forever changed. It is going to be a true Paradigm Shift for you. It is going to instill a confidence in you that you may not have experienced before. So then when we begin to tackle Relativity and Quantum Physics you are going to be like, “I’m ready! Bring it on!”

Now the reason I chose Relativity and Quantum Physics is because…

Quantum Physics and Relativity explain the reality of the world we live in today and it is very strange. Yet the majority of the world are clueless. They are completely unaware of some very important facts that have a very big impact on their daily lives. It really is sad. It is crazy that these subjects are not taught in schools at an early age. Even elementary students could easily grasp the basic concepts.

You need to understand Relativity and Quantum Physics so you can see just how strange yet wonderful this world we live in really is.

The strange image above is a differential equation (Calculus) known as Schrodinger’s Equation. It is the essence of Quantum Physics. It tells us that everything in the universe is just a wave of probability until our consciousness brings it into reality.

The image above is an example of a probability wave distribution produced by Schrodinger’s Equation. The bigger the wave the higher the chance it will manifest into the material world. This is called the collapse of the wave function.
The question becomes how do you make sure the things you want out of life have the highest probability of collapsing the wave function and becoming your reality?
We will show you in The Paradigm Shift Class. Schrodinger’s Equation will no longer look like a foreign language to you. You will understand it.
It is so, so, so, to your advantage to know this stuff.

Here is my second promise to you. There is a world out there which very few can see. This world is a truly magical place. It is a world you can have complete control of. It is a world in which you have the ability to bring all your dreams and desires into reality. After finishing this class, I guarantee you, you will see that world.

But to truly understand it you must understand Quantum Physics and Relativity. It is a necessity. There is no getting around it.

Now here is how truly strange Relativity and Quantum Physics are.

We are going to cover Einsten’s Special Theory Of Relativity which basically tells us we all experience time differently. An hour passing for you may not be the same as an hour passing for me. My hour could be longer or shorter than yours. But if we look at a clock we will both see that an hour has passed. So if your hour is passing faster than mine you are literally aging faster than me. I told you this stuff was weird.

If you think that was strange it only get’s worse. Quantum Physics tells us that everything is just a wave of energy until we look then it becomes the object we see in the material world (rocks, trees, cats, people) but only because of our observation. So if nobody is in your kitchen is it not there? We will see.

But know this, as strange as they seem, if it were not for Relativity and Quantum Physics we would not have computers, cellphones, GPS, TVs, just about every convenience we have today.

The Paradigm Shift Class is an email based class. After signing up for the class you will be sent one email a day for the next sixty days. You will recieve 30 main lessons and you will also receive lesson supplements. Some days the emails will be brief, somedays a little longer. Each email will contain exactly what you need for that day.

Please read the email the day you get it. Make sure you understand the content of the email. It will not be hard.

Please try not to let the emails back up and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES read more than one UNREAD email a day and make sure you understand (AND YOU WILL) the contents of an older email before you go on to a new one. Re-reading older emails is fine and often very beneficial. Each consecutive email will build on what you have learned from the previous.

We will begin the course by learning about your brain. You will see exactly what happens inside your brain when you are learning something new. Once you understand your brain you are as good as gold.

You are going to be taught a way to learn that you are probably not familiar with. You are literally going to have to get out of your mind. When you think of something you usually see it in your head. Can you see it in your heart?

We hope everyone who takes the class will contribute. There will be a comments and questions page set up. We want everyone to feel free to comment and reply to questions.

You might want to know a little bit about the creator of the class. My name is Craig Jackson and I am the owner of Paradigm Shift. Our goal is to show that life does not have to be the struggle everyone makes it out to be. There is a magical world out there so many can not see. We want to show you that world. Hundreds of thousands of people weekly read what we have to say.

I am not a mathematician or a scientist. I took one year of Calculus in high school and I have never taken a class in Quantum Physics or Relativity.

What I learned I learned mostly by reading and a technique I am going to teach you which will blow your mind. With fear of being immodest I must say I know Quantum Physics and Relativity very well. And I am very capable of explaining those concepts in a way which will make it easy for you to understand. Because I didn’t go through the formal education route, I know the questions I had and I know you will have them too. I know many of the areas you are going to question even before you do.

Often when someone knows something so well that it just becomes second nature to them they often do not do a good job of explaining to a person who has no experience what so ever. They may leave out something which to them just kind of goes with out saying. But it so does not. You would be surprised how sometimes just that one left out piece of information is often the missing key which allows everything to make perfect sense to you.

Many times over and over again, what I thought was a hard topic was just not being explained very well. And when I finally came to understand the subject matter I discovered that it was really not that hard at all. And so will you.

Plus many of the topics we will discuss will apply Relativity and Quantum Physics spiritually and metaphysically. To many scientists these topics are taboo. They could even lose their jobs.

You are going to see you actually live in two universes. One universe that we see and experience every day and one universe that is hard for us to see and seems to make no sense but it is there. We are in it.

These are two universes that contradict one another and scientists can’t reconcile how they can both exist together but they do. You and everything you see around you wouldn’t exist if we didn’t live in both.

The universe you can not see may even be more real than the one you can. It is the universe in which creation occurs. Everything in the physical universe comes from the non physical universe. It’s like your thoughts. Are your thoughts real? Yes. You are going to see just how big a role your thoughts play in your life.

There has been the long debate…Where does consciousness come from? Is it a creation of the brain or is it something outside the brain? You are going to learn from Quantum Physics that there is no doubt our consciousness comes from outside our brain. You are not your brain. You are something much more. Consciousness creates the brain not vice versa.

After taking the class you will be empowered. You will realize so much of your potential. You will without a doubt see for yourself that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, you are not capable of learning and understanding. It will change how you live your life.


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