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Don’t spend another sleepless night before you discover how you can get a good night sleep tonight!

Amazing Secret Discovered By Stressed Out Single Dad Takes Less Than 19 Minutes To Quickly And Easily Fall Fast Asleep… And Stay Asleep All Night… No
Matter If You Suffer From The Occasional Sleepless Night Or You’re A Hard Core Insomniac!

From the desk of Trapper Sherwood:

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to fall asleep tonight in 19 minutes or less and sleep all through the night guaranteed then this will be the most important message you
ever read.

I know what I’m about share with you seems incredible… and that’s why I’ve done my damndest to back everything up with facts and “real life”
… so you can see for yourself that you really can get a good night sleep tonight!

My name is Trapper Sherwood. I’m just a regular guy who for the longest time couldn’t get a good night sleep. But then I discovered a ‘secret’ sleep system that knocked me out
cold in less than 19 minutes.

Here’s how it happened: A few years ago I got divorced and I was left alone to raise my nine year old daughter. I had to be both Mom and Dad. What the
heck was I going to do?

The days were too hectic to worry. I could lose myself in the madness of being a single dad running a struggling business. But at night, alone in bed, I had no place to hide.

I’d lie awake for hours, a whirlwind of random thoughts spinning in my head.

  • How am I going to do this? How can I do this all alone?

  • I have to work.

  • I have to take my daughter to school.

  • I have to pick her up.

  • I have to schedule my work around her school days.

  • Who will watch her after school?

  • I’m going to have to cook, clean, do laundry.

  • And run my business.

  • What did I do wrong?

  • Can we fix this?

  • Does my ex want to fix this?

  • I’m in my 40’s – no woman will want a divorced man with a child.

Night after night I’d lie wide awake until the cold light of day stung my eyes. Then I’d drag myself out of bed and start another day.

Some nights I’d dry swallow a couple of Tylenol PM’s. They’d knock me out for a while but I’d wake in the middle of the night and lie awake until the alarm clock rang.

I even gave some weird herbal remedies a shot- pills the size of horse tranquilizers – but they were no damn good.

My life was going down the toilet because I couldn’t get a good night sleep!

After about 5 months of endless tossing and turning at night, I stumbled across a dusty old book from the 1940s that claimed to reveal the secret to sleep.

I’m a pretty skeptical guy. If this book really revealed a ‘sleep secret’ why the heck didn’t the whole world know about it?

But I was desperate and reckoned I had nothing to lose. I read it and put the simple techniques into practice.

“I started getting my sleep back!”

I started sleeping through the night. And I’d wake up in the morning feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

A month later I could pretty much put myself to sleep anytime, anywhere. And I slept like a log. It was like carrying around a bottle of knockout drops in my back pocket.

I’d found the cure to sleepless nights in this little book where all the powerful drugs and strange remedies had failed!

I was stoked. I wanted to tell the world I’d found the secret to a great night sleep. I didn’t want anyone else going through the hell of another sleepless night.

But how? How could I get this book into the hands of everyone who desperately needed it?

The answer smacked me across the head one day. I’d cut away all the fluff in the book all the stuff people would skip – and record the powerful sleep secret techniques as
The Sleep Secret Audio!

“You Will Never Have To Lie Awake Again!”


“Playing The Sleep Secret Audio instantly puts me into a relaxed state. I fall asleep much faster and sleep much better! To be honest, I didn’t think something so simple
to use would really work.”



“My sleep was irregular. My mind was racing. Then I got the Sleep Secret Audio and Wow! What a huge help. The audio completely relaxed my mind and body.
I now fall asleep and stay asleep easily. I highly recommend giving this audio a try if you have any kind of sleep issues. For me, it’s a no-brainer!”

Kelly Olexa


“I have had the best sleep thanks to the Sleep Secret Audio. Everyone should know about this!”

Mike Gaiser


“The Sleep Secret Audio works like a charm! I was on the brink of getting an expensive sleep aid but this is SO much better!”



“Focusing on the audio and visual landscapes that Trapper creates help take me out of my own world and settle into a blessedly sleepy one. And I find I wake up feeling
more creative, too.”



So What’s The Big Deal About The Sleep Secret Audio?

Well for starters:

  • The secret to a good night sleep! No more tossing and turning till the wee hours of the morning…you’ll be fast asleep in only 19 minutes!
  • An all-natural cure to sleepless nights! No additictive drugs or strange herbal remedies… simply soothing music and powerful suggestions lull you asleep like you’re back
    in your mother’s arms!
  • A unique same night guarantee! You’ll enjoy a great night sleep the very first time you listen or your money back!
  • 4 easy ways to getting a great night sleep! Simply pop in your headphones, choose a track, and in a few minutes you’ll be fast asleep. (It doesn’t matter if you’re in
    your own bed or in a strange hotel room thousands of miles from home, you’ll sleep all through the night!
  • Original music helps your subconscious receive the powerful sleep commands. You’ll drift off into a deep, sound, peaceful sleep easily and effortlessly!
  • Fall asleep without having to read from a computer screen or memorize steps from a book. You simply lie back, relax and listen… the audio does
    all the work for you!

This IS something you will want. The astonishing ‘secret’ to falling asleep fast… and staying asleep all through the night.

I want you to Imagine how good this will feel to finally get a good night sleep after all those sleepless nights. Waking in the morning full of energy and excited about getting on with
your day! To get your life back!

It can be yours, and it can happen tonight in less than 19 minutes.

“You’ve never experienced anything like this before in your life.”

It’s easy to get a good night sleep tonight… Simply click on the link below… it’s fast, easy, and totally secure. You’ll download the Sleep Secret Audio in just a few
minutes. And tonight… and every night… you’ll sleep like a baby!

The cost of the Sleep Secret Audio is just $29.97 $21.97… but you don’t risk a penny with my…

A Great Night Sleep Tonight Guarantee!

I know you can fall asleep in 19 minutes.

Here’s my guarantee… Tonight, after you’ve downloaded the Sleep Secret Audio and put in on
your MP3, get into bed, plug in your ear phones and press play.

If you’re not sound asleep in 19 minutes, I want you to get out of bed, switch on your computer, and send me an email demanding a refund!

And that’s not just for tonight. That’s for the next 60 days!

Plus… if you don’t wake in the morning refreshed and alert after a great night sleep I insist you demand a refund.

I reckon you can’t lose. If any night within the next 60 days you use the Sleep Secret Audio and don’t fall asleep within 19 minutes or you don’t wake up full of energy you
get a complete refund. Fair enough?

Ready to get a great night sleep? Just click this button to go to my secure shopping cart and place your order.

Best Regards,

Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood

Email Support:

P.S. Heck! I almost forgot – I’ve got a FREE bonus for you. It’s the book the Sleep Secret Audio was based on. I’ve had the original book carefully copied into electronic
format so it’s easy to read. In this book you discover the story behind the Sleep Secret Audio. It’s a $29.97 value but yours for FREE!

P.P.S. One last thing… I’m so eager for you to get a good night sleep tonight that I’ve decided to sweeten the deal even more. I’m going to throw in another great ebook to
help with your sleep. It’s called Natural Cures for Insomnia. You’ll learn to relax your mind with the techniques in this book before you lay down with your headphones and the Sleep Secret Audio.
It’s a $39.97 value.

P.P.P.S. Remember.. click on the link for a good night sleep tonight in less than 19 minutes!

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