Tim Bekker’s(K.K.Maybel), Stupid Simple System To Making $200,000

Tim Bekker’s(K.K.Maybel), Stupid Simple System To Making $200,000
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I am Tim, just a Dutch guy doing his thing. From my office in Amsterdam I’ve been helping out beautiful brands and influencers like Rosefield, Fabienne Chapot, M.A.C Cosmetics, Via Vai, Guess, Syoss and many more.

My (online) journey started in 2002 when I founded my first company. Back then you could still buy Amazon shares for $10 (yup, that’s x300 in 20 years). Facebook and Instagram were just distant fantasies of now one of the richest people in the world. Music was still downloaded via Kazaa or Limewire. It was a completely different time. Most things hadn’t been done online before, so you had to figure it out yourself. Often I was just freestyling 🙂

Sometimes it went reasonable well, sometimes reasonable bad. I came up with ideas for applications, designed them and had them developed. For example, I had been working on a streaming service for music for years before Spotify’s great succes. In addition, I thought of and built a whole range of tools, such as newsletter, influencer, tracking and membership applications. You could say that I’ve been developing quite a bit in the last 20 years 😉. In retrospect -with the knowledge I now have- I would have made different choices. It’s always easy though to be wise in hindsight.

Every day there are plenty of creative individuals with awesome ideas. This is great, but the next step is what really matters: ACTION!

Success or failure, it doesn’t matter (although one outcome is of course a bit more fun than the other). It’s not about the end station, but about the road to get there. The road is the only learning process to gain experience and knowledge. The goal is trying to find out what you are good at, but even more important is knowing what you are less good at 😉

Everyone gets stuck sometimes or has a blockage. Maybe you recognize that feeling that you just don’t know how to start or how to move on. It is a MUST to take action, but sometimes it is very useful to have someone take you by the hand and help you on your way, right?

That’s what I want to do with Inoneforce. Or at least try…

I’m offering other creators a shortcut. How? By building a series of tools I wish I had when I started and a network to help you on your way.

Does this sounds interesting to you? Cool, I invite you to take a look at the projects I’m working on via the links below.

Do you have a special question? Feel free to send me an email via the email button,

Cheers, Tim

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