Total Beginner Guitar: Great Conversion/Payout

Total Beginner Guitar: Great Conversion/Payout
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Play Faster and Better Than You Ever Imagined!

  • Have you been teaching yourself guitar and have been going nowhere?
  • Are you stuck in a rut with your guitar playing ability?
  • Have you tried “how to play guitar” books with no success?
  • Have you attempted to learn the guitar before-only to fail?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then “Total Beginner Guitar” may be just what you need to jumpstart your guitar playing success.

Now You Can Learn How To Play Guitar Like The Greats

With Total Beginner Guitar you’ll find a comprehensive, hands-on approach to learning the guitar that will have you playing like a pro in no time. We make playing guitar easy.

Whether you are just learning how to play the guitar, or you already have some basic skills, we can help you to improve.

No Music Reading Knowledge Necessary

We get right to the good stuff. We teach you how to use the guitar like a pro without all that boring theory. You’ll start right out holding a guitar, not a pencil.

Our hands-on approach will have you mastering the guitar and developing your own style faster than you can imagine.

Become The Amazing Musician You’ve Always Wanted To Be

With our exclusive membership site, you will have access to beginner training and tutoring in all the important areas of guitar musicianship. You will find:

  • Guitar Chords: Throw your chord encyclopedias away! You don’t need them any more. We’ll show you how to play chords the easy way. You’ll be able to play all the most commonly used chords for the guitar and discover how to easily change from chord to chord.
  • Guitar Strumming: Are you having trouble keeping in time? Do you get confused when to strum up or down? Total Beginner Guitar features a step-by-step lesson play that will help you to become a confident strummer.
  • Guitar Scales: What are they and how do you use them? Find out how in our exclusive tutorials. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to learn your scales, you’ve found it!
  • Playing by Ear: You’ll discover ways to develop relative pitch and show you how to apply it to learning songs by ear.
  • Reading Tab: It’s the rave for all guitarists, and
    we’ll show you exactly how to read guitar tablature the
    easy way!
  • Download Tabs, Jam Tracks, Videos, Software: We
    provide you with everything you need for study on your
    own time, or when you are away from your computer. Burn
    your own dvds, cds, and print out e-books, tabs, and
    chord charts.
  • Practice Tips: Let us show you the right way, for how long, and what to practice.
  • Slides, bends, trills, vibrato: Learn some of the special techniques that help separate the guitar from many other instruments.
  • Playing Cleanly: Enhance your playing with our easy to swallow advise.

You’ll discover all this and much more through totally hands-on, easy to follow instructions.

Imagine Finally Playing Guitar At The Level You’ve Dreamed Of

You know you’ve got it in you to be a great musician, right? You’ve got the talent. Now all you need is the right training.

We’ve Got Everything You Need Right Here

This is an exclusive site. All of the course information has been compiled and created by established guitar experts specifically for Total Beginner Guitar. You won’t find a program with this sort of depth and range anywhere else on the Web. This is guitar made easy.

Just Think Of Your New Life As A Respected Musician

Imagine yourself at a party or maybe at school, your guitar in hand, surrounded by people enjoying your music, and even asking you to play more for them. People always appreciate good music, and you may just find yourself the center of attention among your friends.

Or imagine yourself and your buddies putting a band together. Due to your great new sound, bars and clubs are actually calling to book you. People start to recognize you as you walk down the street. As you build a name for yourself, who knows? People may even start coming to you for advice or lessons! You may even end up on the radio!

No More Frustration From Overly Academic, Paper-Pushing Courses

Have you tried other online guitar courses before, only to give up in frustration because you weren’t getting into the music fast enough?

A lot of guitar teaching programs out there are just not user friendly. A lot of them spend the first several weeks going over sight reading and music theory. After that they might introduce a few chords, or maybe a scale or two. It can be months before you know any songs with that type of program! Now I’m not saying that music theory isn’t good, but unless you’re going to teach at a conservatory, it isn’t really necessary, and the process is very paper oriented and boring.

Or have you tried courses that were confusing and moved way too fast?

A lot of courses assure you that their training is great, and then just send you a booklet with pictures and diagrams that you probably could have bought for a lot less at a music store. These booklets are overly clinical and can be confusing. There is no interactive help, nowhere to go with questions, and no way to know if you’re doing it right.

Our Methods Are Easy To Follow And Totally Hands On

At Total Beginner Guitar we don’t bore you with paper and pencil lessons. You start right out with a guitar in your hand. You will learn chords, scales, arpeggios and songs right from the beginning. By eliminating the overly academic aspect of music training, we can teach you to play faster and better than you could ever imagine.

The materials you receive are totally hands on. Our step by step tutorials are presented in a combination of sound files, pictures, diagrams, graphs and MP3 tracks to make everything absolutely clear. And if you don’t understand something, just ask us. We offer excellent customer support and continually monitor and update the site.

You Don’t Have To Spend A Fortune

Music lessons can be very expensive. A year of training with a teacher can cost upwards of $1,000. Total Beginner Guitar is totally affordable. Just pay your low membership fee, and you’ll have access to the best guitar training on the web.

  • Your Total Beginner Guitar membership has a one time fee of $29.95.
  • You can access the materials at anytime. Your access will never expire. It’s good for life!

You may ask yourself why we charge so little for so much. I feel I should be completely honest with you and tell you the reasons why.

  • Word Of Mouth: We believe you’ll tell your friends

After 10 years of testing and fine tuning our teaching methods we’ve come upon a formula that seems to work for everyone. We truly believe that you’ll be so impressed with Total Beginner Guitar that you’ll gladly tell your friends and therefore we’ll get some great word of mouth exposure.

  • Staying Power: We think you’ll stick with us…

Once you’ve completed Total Beginner Guitar you’ll no longer be considered a “beginner”, so you may ask, “What’s next?”.

Total Beginner Guitar was produced by a company, founded by yours truly in 2001, called Guitar Alliance Inc. The corporate charter states that Guitar Alliance produces cutting edge online guitar lessons and that’s just what we’ve done. You’ll find that we offer several specialized guitar courses to provide you with that next step.

We hope that your success with Total Beginner Guitar will leave you inclined to try some of these specialized guitar learning courses someday in the future.

The Super Early Bird Bonus Offer

Okay… so we are
both in complete agreement that this is a great product…
an incredible package filled with awesome potential, and
more importantly, this has been tested, tried and proven,
so there is absolutely no risk!

you register by midnight

you will save $10 off the standard registration
fee of $29.95. You’ll pay only $19.95!
That’s about the price of 1 private guitar
lesson, and it would take you years of private
guitar lessons to learn everything that we’ll
show you with Total Beginner Guitar.

Free Bonus Gifts

the above said, I’m going to take it a step further and
offer you an even better offer. Just to “sweeten the
deal”, if you register by

I’ll be sure to include the following valuable bonuses, that you can keep as a gift, even if you choose not
to keep your Total Beginner Guitar Membership.

1: “The Top 100 Classic Rock Riffs”

Hendrix, Page, Clapton, SRV, the list goes on. These are the greatest riffs ever played on guitar and you can learn them note for note. You’ll find…

  • One-click access to detailed lessons that will show you how to play the top 100 classic rock guitar riffs.
  • Riffs that range from beginner to advanced.
  • Free downloadable material for you to practice
    your riffs while not on your computer.
  • Audio, video, and detailed instruction
    on difficult-to-master riffs.
  • Complete and accurate guitar tabs for each riff.

2: “The Top 50 Acoustic Guitar Songs”

Top acoustic songs from some of the
most influential guitarists on the planet. It’s
time to unplug, sit back and relax. You’ll find…

  • One-click access to detailed lessons that will
    show you how to play the top 50 acoustic
    guitar riffs.
  • Riffs that range from beginner to advanced.
  • Free downloadable material for you to practice
    your riffs while not on your computer.
  • Audio, video, and detailed instruction on difficult-to-master
  • Complete and accurate guitar tabs for each

3: “Fretboard Memory”

Memorize The Fretboard: Have
you ever wanted to be able to immediately identify
all the notes on the guitar’s fretboard?

We’ve developed
an incredible system that will enable you to
easily find any note on the guitar’s fretboard.

part is that it only takes minutes a day!

4: “Speed Building Guitar Exercises”

Increased Finger Speed: Wouldn’t you love to be able to play as fast as you
wanted? Wouldn’t it be great if your hands never got tired?

The “Speed Building Guitar Exercises” bonus
is packed with exercises that will have you
playing BLAZING fast in no time!

This bonus isn’t for the faint of heart and
will truly give your fingers an amazing workout
regimen to add to your guitar studies!


5: Jam Tracks

first bonus is access to download our growing collection
of MP3 jam tracks. They are high quality audio
tracks that you can practice along with time and time
again and are a guaranteed way to improve your playing–and
we’ll show you how. You’ll have access to over 100 jam tracks that you can download them
for FREE with
your membership.


7: Bass Guitar 101

  • Have you been teaching yourself bass guitar and have been going nowhere?

  • Are you stuck in a rut with your bass guitar playing ability?

  • Have you tried “how to play bass guitar” books with no success?

  • Have you attempted to learn the bass guitar before only to fail?

“Bass Guitar 101” covers the BASSics of the guitar and should be the choice destination for beginning guitarists, but there is a lot of material here that even some intermediate or advanced players may benefit from.

8: E-Z Strummer Top 20

  • Are you a performing musician at clubs or bars?

  • Are you looking for an e-z way to switch between
    chords while learning popular songs?

  • Have you tried to strum and sing without any

  • Do you want a sneak peek of our newly-launched
    E-Z Strummer “Karaoke For Guitar” course?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions
then we’re going to open your eyes to E-Z guitar
strumming using a totally breakthrough method! Using
common chords, lyrics, video, and more we’ll show
you how to sing and strum 20 featured strumming songs
from our E-Z Strummer 365+ online song directory!

Our Ironclad 100%
Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident
that you’ll be nothing less than impressed with the program,
we’re going to give 60 days of access to Total Beginner Guitar– including our cutting-edge information,
resources and expert instructors– and we’re going to take
away all of the risk.


Test drive the program for 60 days.

If for any reason
you’re not absolutely thrilled at the end of your trial
period, just let us know. We’ll cheerfully send you a 100%
refund of your investment.

No questions. No hassles.

Because we provide
personal instruction there’s a limit to the number of members
we can accept. If you’re not thrilled with what you’re getting,
we would rather refund your money and open your spot up
for someone else. There’s absolutely no risk.

action now,
while it’s still fresh in your mind (and
before you miss the deadlines and all the free bonuses).
The worst that could happen is that you get to keep the
free bonuses. And of course, it comes with our ironclad
risk free 60 day money back guarantee.

Enter The Amazing World Of Popular Music…

Click Here To Get Full Access Now!


You’ll get instant online access to Total Beginner Guitar and all bonuses upon completion of payment. We accept all major credit
cards as well as Paypal. All payments are made over a secure server, so your infomation is safe. We will not share your personal information with anyone else.


Kenny Mann

Head Instructor “Total Beginner Guitar” and found of Guitar Alliance Inc.

You need to take action today if you want results
! You need to order by midnight

to get all the bonuses (Plus, you will be guaranteed the price reduction).

don’t send me any emails if you miss
the deadline. Don’t tell me that your
computer crashed or your dog ate your
credit card or any other “excuse.”
Order today and you’ll get
all that I’ve mentioned for ONLY $19.95.

bullet P.P.P.S. Just think! You’ll never have to suffer through
the pain and hassle of trying to learn the
guitar on your own — now you’ll have a proven guide that shows you how to do it — step
by step

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