Trump’s Attorney Ends Argument With A Bomb

Trump’s Attorney Ends Argument With A Bomb

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial grew into a contentious fight night on the floor of the Senate Friday, as his Philadelphia lawyer repeatedly attacked Democrats and sparred with managers as well as senators seeking to test sturdiness of his defense.

Trump lawyer Michael Van der Veen was tasked with responding to questions asked by senators themselves during a question-and-answer period spelled out in Senate rules – and used his time to snap at lawmakers who have advanced the impeachment effort.

At one point, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders submitted a question, which as read out by a clerk asked whether he believed Trump’s claim that the election was stolen or if in his judgment did Trump actually win the election.

‘My judgment? Who asked that?’ snapped Van der Veen, who had earlier accused Democrats of being motivated by ‘hatred.’

‘I did,’ responded Sanders, a Vermont independent who aligns with Democrats and has spent years serving in the chamber.

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