Tucker Carlson Is Ready To Destroy Fox News But He Doesn't Know How

Tucker Carlson Is Ready To Destroy Fox News But He Doesn't Know How

More and more allies of Tucker Carlson are speaking to the press about Carlson’s desire to take down Fox News for not allowing him to get out of his contract and start a new show. This is the second major report where his allies have made these claims, but so far the former Fox employee hasn’t done a single thing. The reason for that is likely because he can’t go after the network without implicating himself in any horrible behavior that he may have witnessed. Is he willing to take that hit just to destroy Fox? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins examines that question.

Link – https://www.rawstory.com/tucker-carlson-fox-news-2660272881/

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According to a new report from Variety, Tucker Carlson’s, friends and allies are telling the outlet that that man Tucker is prepared to go scorched earth. He is prepared to watch Fox News quote implode if they do not let him out of his contract and allow him to start producing his own show for whatever platform wants to take it. Now, about a week ago, Tucker Carlson did announce that he was bringing his show back to Twitter, uh, exclusively to Twitter, a claim that actually freaked Elon Musk out so much that he had to come out and issue a statement saying, we have no agreement with Tucker. He’s just uploading it as a creator. We didn’t do this, don’t blame us for it. But Tucker can’t actually do that because he is still under contract with the network until January of 2025. And if he were to go and produce another show, suddenly he’s in breach of contract and then they sue him and then they don’t have to pay him.

And then he might still be barred from producing a TV show. So that’s why his friends and allies are off. They want Tucker back on the air. Tucker wants back on the air. So they are making sure that they tell as many media outlets as possible that, Hey, Tucker’s gonna come out and do some horrible things to Fox if y’all don’t let him out of the contract. That is essentially the gist of what his friends told Variety, and it’s the same thing that they told Axios about a week ago. But here’s the thing, right now, all we’re seeing is Tucker having his friends go out and make these threats. Oh, Tucker’s gonna do this. Oh, he’s gonna expose him. Oh, the whole network’s gonna implode just you. Wait. If they don’t let him out, he’s gonna do it. He’s totally gonna do it. He’s gonna do it.

Do it. Hey, what are you waiting for? If you actually have what you say you have, or what your friends are implying you have, go ahead and do it, Tucker, go ahead right now, like just do it. But you can’t see, that’s the part of the story. Everybody Mrs. Tucker Carlson can’t do the things that he wants to do to Fox News. Here’s why. What is he gonna do? Is he gonna expose some horrible wrongdoing at the network that was happening behind the scenes? Well, great problem is if you expose something that was, you know, even potentially criminal, you’re a part of it holding onto that evidence, especially if it is some kind of criminal activity and not reporting it, you become culpable at that point. So there is nothing that Tucker Carlson can expose about Fox News without also exposing himself to potential liability for not coming forward. Not to mention the fact that if Tucker has anything that he finds out after the fact that he wants to expose about the network, he needs to keep in mind. The network also has plenty of things they can leak about him. We have seen plenty of leaks. We don’t know where they’re

Coming coming from, but we have seen plenty of horrible things come out about Tucker Carlson since his firing. But really nothing from Tucker Carlson about the network itself. So who is holding all the cards here, Tucker and your friends, because it’s not you. Fox has all the power in this situation, and I guarantee there’s probably a lot more damning stuff that they could be releasing about you, but they’re choosing not to. So if you wanna go toe to toe with the big dog, go ahead.

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