What Elon Musk Said About Aliens Will SHOCK You!

What Elon Musk Said About Aliens Will SHOCK You!

What Elon Musk Said About Aliens Will SHOCK You!
Without providing any supporting data, a former military whistleblower asserts that the United States has a program to keep the general public in the dark about unidentified flying objects (UFOs).Conspiracy theories about aliens living among us have been around for a while, and they don’t seem to be going away. And finally Elon Musk reveals his knowledge about aliens. And that we will find out in today’s episode!

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Claims that the US government has surreptitiously collected wrecked extraterrestrial spacecraft and its non-human passengers are no longer novel. They are deeply ingrained in post-World War II American UFO fiction and conspiracy theory, and they served as the basis for the “Roswell incident,” which is the most well-known ufological story.

However, with the Pentagon’s apparent approval, journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal have recently given these old claims new life.

The US government, its allies, and defence contractors have reportedly recovered many vessels of non-human origin together with the bodies of their occupants, according to a story for the science and technology news website The Debrief.

They further claim that the US Congress, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which was set up by the US Department of Defence in 2022 to investigate UFOs, and the general public have all been wrongfully denied access to this information.

What is being claimed?

Former US intelligence official David Grusch is the main source for the fresh allegations.

Kean and Blumenthal both attested to Grusch’s strong qualifications. He served with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office in the past. He represented both organizations on the US government task team looking into unidentified aerial phenomena, UAP (the official title for unidentified flying objects).

According to Grusch, the materials were: “Based on the vehicle morphologies, material science testing, and the presence of unusual atomic configurations and radiological traces, it is assumed that the object is of exotic origin (non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or unknown origin).”

Jonathan Grey, whose job at the National Air and Space Intelligence Centre centers on the examination of unexplained aerial occurrences, agrees in favor of Grusch’s assertions. Kean and Blumenthal were informed by Grey:

“Non-human intelligence is a real phenomena. We are not alone; retrievals of this nature are not just conducted in the US.”

How trustworthy are the claims?

Kean and Blumenthal are competent and reliable UFO reporters.

A covert Pentagon UFO research program worth US$22 million was made public in 2017 in an article co-authored by Helene Cooper for the New York Times. By avoiding stereotypes, stigma, and sensationalism, that essay significantly contributed to the beginning of a larger rethinking regarding UFOs.

The ensuing “UFO turn” in US defense policy and public discourse has largely been driven by visual evidence and eyewitness accounts of unusual aircraft.

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