What Will Happen To Earth When The Milky Way And Andromeda Galaxy Merge?

What Will Happen To Earth When The Milky Way And Andromeda Galaxy Merge?

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Within 4.5 billion years, the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy will merge into a single galaxy; during the process, billions of stars will migrate from one galaxy to another, and some may shoot out into intergalactic space, becoming wandering stars, but… What will happen to our solar system? Will it survive the cosmic dance between Milky Way and Andromeda? Could a star collide with the Sun?
Join us to find out!
In a past video, we explained what the would look like Milky Way when it merges with the Andromeda galaxy and all the effects that this will have on both galaxies; if you missed it, we recommend you to see it:
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This video will address what will happen to our solar system and the planets that compose it when the collision between the two galaxies occurs.
Galactic habitable zone
If you are a faithful follower of “Insane Curiosity,” surely more than once you have heard about the famous “habitable zone,” a region around a star where the temperatures are ideal for a planet to have water in a liquid state, that is an area that is neither very hot nor very cold.
But… Did you know that galaxies also have a habitable zone?
Yeah! This is the Galactic Habitable Zone (ZHG), defined as that region of a galaxy in which the necessary conditions exist for life to arise and to prosper for billions of years.
Currently, it is considered that the defining parameters of a ZHG are two:
1. Abundance of heavy elements and
2. cataclysmic astrophysical events.

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0:40 Galactic habitable zone
4:40 Where will the new Habitable Zone be?
7:55 Effects on earth
11:40 Will there be star clashes?

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