Why Elon Musk Hates our Education System

Why Elon Musk Hates our Education System

Just as Elon Musk is no ordinary inventor and businessman, he is also no ordinary parent. He takes the education of children very seriously. In fact, he completely hates how our education system is designed.

In an interview with a Chinese television network, Elon Musk explained why he removed his children from a prestigious private school in Los Angeles

“Regular schools weren’t doing the things that I thought should be done.”

Musk was critical of the conventional education system. According to him, teachers were not doing a good job explaining to young kids why a particular subject was essential and what its applications were. In his words, ‘They are taught a mathematical formula without explaining why that formula is important.’

In typical Elon fashion, he took it upon himself to fix the problem. And started Ad Astra, a new type of school for his children. This is where Elon Musk’s Kids and Kids of other Tesla and SpaceX employees got education for a while.
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