Why the UK’s "Fox News" Didn’t Work

Why the UK’s "Fox News" Didn’t Work

Today we’re going to be looking at this year’s launch of GB News and its gradual journey to 0 viewers, and how it compares to the US’s Fox News and Tucker Carlson. Enjoy!

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00:00 Intro
04:19 Oh Great, a Body Language Analyst
06:42 Andrew Neil’s “Woke Watch” is Propaganda for Stupid People
13:02 Other Segments I Hate & Technical Failures
14:26 GB News gets Cancelled by its own Viewers
17:11 Nigel Farage to the Rescue!!!
18:47 The Ad Boycott & Why it Doesn’t Matter
22:45 Why Everyone Needs to Touch Grass
24:19 Why Tucker Carlson / Fox News Works and GB News Does Not
30:35 A little song to cheer you up again
33:18 Shameless self-promotion


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