Witnesses' Lawyer Suggests Fox News Is Under CRIMINAL Investigation

Witnesses' Lawyer Suggests Fox News Is Under CRIMINAL Investigation

A former producer for Fox News host Maria Bartiromo has become the center of a scandal that poses an even bigger threat to the network than the Dominion lawsuit. The producer, Abby Grossberg, handed over evidence to the judge in the defamation suit that ultimately revealed that Fox News was hiding evidence, and now her lawyer says that they’ve been contacted by law enforcement to turn the information over to them. This could be evidence of a larger criminal investigation into the network, as Farron Cousins explains.

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According to a lawyer for a former producer at Fox News, Abby Grossberg, who kind of blew open a lot of stuff with the Dominion Defamation lawsuit. Um, according to her lawyer, it seems very likely that Fox News is currently under a criminal investigation. So let me rewind just a little bit to give you all the backstory about Ms. Grossberg here. Uh, she was a producer on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News program. She was also, along with Bartiromo, one of the people that Fox News had kind of tried to pin everything on in the defamation case. Like no, as these two people, they went rogue. You know, we didn’t know what to do. But Grossberg provided a lot of communications and other evidence from Fox News to the court during the defamation trial, um, or during the investigation, during the discovery that Fox News had not produced.

And this, of course, is what then led the judge to appoint a special master to find out if Fox News was in fact withholding evidence. Something that seems very likely considering the fact that Grossberg had to turn it over and Fox News didn’t do it. Fox News, after Grossberg turns it over, of course, then has to go back and say, oh, oh, uh, yeah, yeah, here, here it all is. But they only did it after, of course, it was revealed they were hiding it, which is why there’s now a special master. So here’s the thing, the Special Master does not go away just because it’s settled. Withholding evidence from a court, even in a civil trial like this, is a criminal offense. So that criminal offense does not disappear just because the trial disappears. You still did the thing that they’re investigating, or at least you allegedly did the thing that they’re investigating.

So, fast forward, back to now, gross Berg’s lawyer appeared on Ari Mel show on M Ms N bbc, and here is how that conversation transpired. Uh, Abby is going to keep blowing that whistle until the truth, the whole truth, and nothing, but the truth comes out, because that’s the only way you’re ultimately going to fight the big lie, which turned out to be the big grift. And we don’t know how much is involved in that. I, I will tell you that we’ve been contacted by numerous law enforcement authorities. So Ari Meur was kind of taken back and he’s like, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’ve heard from criminal law enforcement lawyer said, yes. So Melba asks about this case, and the lawyer says, I, I’ve heard about the evidence that we produced in public. So Meur still trying to get more information, says they think that there might have been a crime pursuant to what your client, this whistleblower observed at Fox. And this is when the lawyer realized, okay, maybe I’ve said a little too much. The lawyer says, um, I really don’t know. And the discussions are preliminary.

I think it’s more that the tapes are to a degree, are relevant to how the relationship was between the Trump campaign and what actually happened on air. Yeah. But he then said, we are in the process of turning all of the evidence that she has over to these same law enforcement authorities. Now, I’m not a lawyer. I’m, I’m not involved in the criminal justice system in any way. But I gotta tell you, uh, when the cops, you know, whether it’s like state investigators, local cops, or the feds, when any of them call you up and they say, I need you to turn over X, Y, and Z, um, they usually don’t do that just because they want to see what you’ve got, like as a person, like, Hey, you seem really cool. Can I see some of the things you collect? That’s not what happens.

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